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Do we really have to be judgmental? To say that we must is to say we can’t be objective, we can’t step back and consider, ponder and wonder without creating a judgement as to good or bad, right or wrong, acceptable or not.

Some old dead philosopher once said, “It is the educated mind that can hold a thought without accepting or rejecting it.” Is that the opposite of judgmental?


Taking a job because it will allow you to retire can result in selling your time simply for money. This goes back to the quote that “the ladder you climb may be on the wrong wall”. I would suggest that it’s the choice and ascension of the ladder that leads to happiness, not only the result of standing on the wall.


I would suggest that there is a step between research and action, that I call “thinking” By this I mean, you have to understand what you are reading and being told, not just accept it. Then come up with a plan that will work for you. Health magazines, as with most other media, are full of ads and other misleading information cloaked in the shape of articles. Research is being done everyday by food producers that results in studies that mislead us to thinking that their products are better than they actually are. The beef council pays for beef research that tells us beef is fine, the chicken council pays for studies that say the opposite. The genetic farm companies say that’s fine, the organic farmers say it’s not. You see my point. You can’t believe what you read or are told buy anyone without that step between hearing it and taking action that I call thinking.