Pursuant to FTC Regulations, and various other regulations, rules and laws, this page should address any issues you may have. The intent is to cover any issues on this one page.

You’re email address.
Assume it will get hacked and sent around the world. If it happens to major credit card and financial firms, how can I assure you I can protect it? I don’t have any plans on selling your email address, but I don’t want to be sued if someone does or if somehow it happens in the future so just assume it’s not safe and while all the laws will followed by me, that doesn’t mean criminals aren’t out there.

People Who Employ Me or that I have direct involvement.
I teach for Notre Dame de Namur University, a small nonprofit Catholic school in Belmont, CA. This includes teaching classes online and promoting the University in many different ways. You can assume that as a faculty member my opinion of my school has built in bias.

I run a nonprofit financial literacy organization, Rice Financial Education. While dedicated to unbiased, objective financial education, it can be assumed that I have an inherent bias in promoting it and it does collect donations.

I have a software startup, Building Capital Ventures, and it’s first product, Checklinked Systems. Anything related to that is obviously going to benefit me directly and therefore is inherently biased.

People Who Consult With or Hire Me
I can be hired to speak at various conferences and events. Any promotion of those events could be a commercial ad, not a vanity exercise. I do speak for free at many organizations, the Latino Board Leadership Academy for example. But don’t count on my differentiating between the two.

Statement on Making Money Off You
Assume I am going to try to make money off you. (You should do the same for everyone else by the way) Let me repeat that. I COULD BE MAKING MONEY OFF OF YOU. I’ll could post stuff for sale on which I get paid a commission. I’ll could post stuff for the organizations I’m affiliated with and I could use Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction, Shareasale, and many others. You just can’t tell, so assume the worst.

Statement on Privacy
As you already know, no one can be assured of privacy. Don’t send me anything you don’t want on the front page of the New York Times. Assume everything is on the record and public. If you are concerned about your information, don’t put it here. In fact, don’t post it online anywhere. I have no intention of invading your privacy, but don’t count on anything being private here.

Statement on Content
This is my site and I am going to do with it as I please. If you know me, you know I’m trying to help other people, primarily in the business side of life. The information here isn’t to be relied upon as legal or investment advice or any other type of information that you would be able to sue me over. This is simply my opinions and my view on things. Don’t take action because of it. Think for yourself, get professional advisers, hire your own people. Taking action should never be based on what is on this site. Also, I will change the content, including updating, editing, and deleting it without warning or notice.

Statement on Unsolicited Items
You’re welcome to send them to me, but they’re not coming back. Ever. If you want me to read your book. I might, but you aren’t getting it back and you can’t expect a response. Also, I could rip into it online or anywhere else. There’s no guarantee what I might say, so if you don’t want to risk a negative opinion, don’t send it. If you want to pay me to review something, contact me. But I won’t guarantee a positive review and I will keep the money regardless. And be sure you understand that if I don’t like your product or book or whatever – or any part of it, then I’m going to say it.

In Summary
I doubt when you look at this site you feel that it’s all getting money from you. But don’t be surprised to find out that I somehow made a buck here and get upset. If a potential student decides to go to NDNU, become a client of Checklinked Systems or you decide to donate to Rice Financial Education, then I have indirectly benefited from this site. While that might be obvious, other things aren’t. If that doesn’t sit well with you, then simply do what we do when we don’t like a TV show, change the channel.

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