Black cat or White cat

I believe it was Milton Friedman that said, “nothing does as much harm as something in the name of public good”

I have been to China and I found the main cultural change that is occurring is from a collective based value to a more individual based value. The government is encouraging entreprenueral enterprise while maintain some type of control. (something the Soviet Union didn’t accomplish)

For example, our driver was incredibly interested in the stock market, wanted to expand his business to a fleet of vans, etc. Our guide made a very interesting comment in that her parents generation weren’t allowed to ask questions about their government in school. Her generation asked, “why if our way of government is better do others have a higher quality of life?” but received no reply. And her child is finally receiving the reply of a quote from Deng Xiao-Ping: “Black cat or White cat makes no difference as long as it catches the mice.”

Change there is slow, that is probably a good thing, but change there is.

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