Buffett vs. Kozlowski

Buffett is a CEO just like Dennis Kozlowski was at Tyco. One that buys companies and let’s them run themselves. Tyco was built by astute acquisition. But Koz did things that were so dumb that you have to wonder how he built the company in the first place. He had plenty of money to pay for his wife’s birthday party and a NY apartment. Why in the world would he try to cheat on his taxes? Really, quite foolish. Additionally, Jack Welch of GE also ran a huge conglomerate and got into some warm water, note the difference in temperature compared to Koz, when he received such a huge retirement package. Buffett is a CEO along the lines of these two others, it’s shocking that they didn’t have the good sense to follow his lead and stay well clear of foolishness and communicate open and honestly with shareholders.

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