Merry Christmas – Sort of

Merry Christmas – Sort of

This holiday stuff is getting old. Yea, yea…Merry Christmas…blah, blah, blah. I don’t feel well this year, but this has been festering for a long time. Even saying bah humbug doesn’t seem to be worth effort. After all, it doesn’t work. The holidays just keep coming – faster and faster.

How about next year we skip holidays? Just forget them all. Keep the days-off work, after all I haven’t lost my mind. But days-off are clearly the reason for the season. Call it what it is: a day-off. That I can celebrate. Yea! A day off! No work, but full pay. Sounds like a reason to celebrate to me. 

That’s more genuine than Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas and is clearly superior to Happy Presidents day, Happy Memorial day, or Happy Labor day – The last three, to my point, sounds strange because we never say them because we aren’t all that happy about them – except for the day off.

I think I’m on to something. Happy Day-Off Day! Period. Full stop. Every day off is a celebration. It doesn’t matter why, so get rid of the name as it implies obligations. 

For example, Christmas implies gifts. You feel like you need to give certain people something and you hope you get something better in return. What a waste. I have a garage full of “gifts”, some of which I urge Brenda to re-gift, which she resists, much to the benefit of many of you. 

And even though I like the fireworks on the 4th of July, I will give those up to keep the uniformity and clarity of no more holiday names and their implied obligations. If I feel the need for fireworks, I’ll comment on Brenda’s cooking and Boom! I’ll see stars.

And the obligations, especially when kids are involved, never seem to end. You’ve heard the saying; I need a vacation from my vacation. Well, I need a holiday from the holidays. At least one year. Easter egg hunts, pumpkin carvings, and costume parties, all make me think that this isn’t a day off from work. It’s an unpaid second job.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share a few moments to reflect on how lucky we have it and appreciate the blessings in our lives. And do my favorite thing in life: share laughs, tell stories, and cook some tasty treats with friends and family. We try to do it every chance we get and urge you to do the same. But that’s not a duty-driven obligation, it’s an joyous thankful avocation.

So Merry Day-off Day and Happy Holiday-Free New Year!

You’re all awesome. Be safe and well.

Doug and Brenda

PS. As you suspect, Brenda isn’t as committed to this as I am. But she went to New York with her sister so wisely I wrote this before she got back. Obviously, I didn’t show it to her until it was too late to edit. That’s not what I should have done. But we’re coming up on our 30th anniversary and so I’m just meeting expectations. No need to mess with what works. To be fair, she would want to add: We’re fine; We hope you are too; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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