What Google Knows About You

You can see what Google knows about you by going to https://www.google.ca/settings/ads.

You can also manage your ad settings, somewhat but not totally, by going to your account settings and then the Account History tab https://www.google.com/settings/accounthistory

I found out that Google thinks one of my interests is baby food and formula, but golf in no where to be found.

My take: With regard to the invasion of privacy, I don’t wish they knew nothing about me. I wish they were right about what they do know.

It’s only when we get surprised in a bad way by the information others have about us that our privacy truly feels violated.

Targeting me for golf ads seems reasonable. I would be okay with that. Baby food is ridiculous, but harmless. Telling a health/life insurance company about people searching about a disease so they could charge them more really gets at the potential harm here.

But how could Google be so wrong about the baby food thing. I wonder if Brenda was using my laptop? Could Google be telling me something? Hum…


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