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Always One of the Most Successful People in the Room

The speaker will almost always be one of the most successful people in any room.

But that doesn’t come without a price.

You know the old saying, writers write? Well, speakers speak.

You have to learn the techniques of the trade and continually practice them to be a truly successful speaker – one that can captivate, educate, and motivate an audience into taking action.

You never know when you will be called on to step to the center of attention.

So start right now with… Continue reading Always One of the Most Successful People in the Room

The Critical Thinking Advantage

Sometimes students wonder why I wedge critical thinking into all of my courses.

I believe the future job market for those that can think, reason, and work though difficult issues will be strong. For those that need to be told what to do, the future lacks as much promise.

But it’s more than that. Those that don’t think for themselves fall prey to those that do.  I have no data to support my idea that critical thinking skills suggest better decision making and better decision making leads to more wealth.

To me, the root cause of wealth inequality is… Continue reading The Critical Thinking Advantage

What Google Knows About You

You can see what Google knows about you by going to

You can also manage your ad settings, somewhat but not totally, by going to your account settings and then the Account History tab

I found out that Google thinks one of my interests is baby food and formula, but golf in no where to be found.

My take: With regard to the invasion of privacy, Continue reading What Google Knows About You

NEW! Presentation Review Form

No reason to use more paper than we need to.

There is a new presentation review form on this site for students to use to provide feedback to the presenters.

You can find the form under Review in the title bar above or, if you are on a mobile device, it’s behind the black box with the three lines on the right side of the screen.

You can use this review form for every presentation over and over again. Each response will be recorded separately and anonymously.

After each course, I’ll forward all of the comments to the individual presenters for their review.

Please let me know with a comment below if you have question or issues.

Small World – Running Into Someone Online

This morning I received a email from the Federal Reserve in San Francisco regarding a live broadcast of “Financial Wellness and the Workplace.”

I clicked on the link and up popped Emily Harpster, the Senior Director of Economic Success at United Way Bay Area.

I can’t remember when I first met Emily, but I have had the pleasure of working with her conducting seminars and training on financial planning for her Sparkpoint clients for over 5 years. I even re-wrote one of my books and private labeled it for her clients.

As I knew she would, she did a great job on the broadcast. Which leads to the point for those in BUS 2600 – you never know who’s going to be crossing your path online.

As you consider the impact of technology on business, examples like this can remind you of shrinking distance between us.

It’s a small world after all.