Always One of the Most Successful People in the Room

The speaker will almost always be one of the most successful people in any room.

But that doesn’t come without a price.

You know the old saying, writers write? Well, speakers speak.

You have to learn the techniques of the trade and continually practice them to be a truly successful speaker – one that can captivate, educate, and motivate an audience into taking action.

You never know when you will be called on to step to the center of attention.

So start right now with…

Patricia Fripp’s tips at her website.

Fripp is awesome!

I have been fortunate to have seen her live on stage and met her on several occasions. She clearly earned her place in the Speaker Hall of Fame.

She’s giving back with the education on her website and you should take advantage of it.  The articles and videos cover all aspects of speaking  and all levels of experience.

She is a pro’s pro and, when learning from her, you are learning from the best.

Have you ever seen a successful speaker that wasn’t one of the most overall successful people in the room?

I never have.

Better Speaking Skills = Brighter Future Results

One thought on “Always One of the Most Successful People in the Room”

  1. First speaker does quite well and she only needs to present her speech a little more organized because her introductuion was a little passive. The second speaker is presenting more details and he gets the audiences participated. He only needs to work on questions after his presentation. He just needs to rework his questions.

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